Great Britain Leave the EU NOW!

This Muslim Blackman has destroyed the USA, and his wife started Black against White, “kill a whitey today.” Now they are starting to do the same in Europe? He wants to be precedent of the EU. Let him rats on the sinking ship together. He can then see us hang Cameron.

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UK FaceBook

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GERMANY’S “RAPEFUGEE” CRISIS – It also happened in West Yorkshire UK

YouTube plea for protection from 16-year-old German girl reveals the widespread nightmare of migrant sexual violence.

January 29, 2016
Stephen Brown

“Why should we children have to grow up in such fear?”
That is the very reasonable question 16-year-old German teenager Bibi Wilhailm asks, in her 20-minute YouTube video, garnering her some much-needed recognition in cyberspace. Her video had first appeared on Facebook, but was taken down for reasons that still remain unclear.
But Wilhailm doesn’t seem to care too much for fame. In her first ever YouTube appearance, she says she only wants her old life back. It is a life that she describes as “toll” (fantastic), before Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed one million, mostly male and Muslim, refugees into Germany last fall. Since then, Wilhailm says, “life has become very unsafe on the streets for young women like me and my friends.”
“This is the truth. We are no longer allowed to walk outside,” said Wilhailm. “We are no longer allowed to wear our clothes. We are no longer allowed to live the German life. This is the sad truth.”
Wilhaim’s fears are neither unfounded nor exaggerated. A security official as prominent as the police chief of Vienna, Gerhard Purstl, confirmed Wilhailm’s claim when he warned women not to venture out at night alone and to “avoid suspicious-looking areas.” Purstl’s warning came after several sex attacks in Austria by migrants.
If anyone possessed any doubts about Muslim migrant attitudes toward the ‘infidel’ women of their host countries, these doubts should have been painfully and publicly dispelled last New Year’s Eve at Cologne’s central train station. A thousand of the new arrivals, mostly young Arab men, gathered there that evening and, like packs of hyenas, molested hundreds of women, raping several.
“We are so scared,” said Wilhailm, expressing the fear young women are now forced to face. “We don’t want to be scared to go to the grocery store alone after sunset.”
Since the Muslim migrants’ appearance in Germany, Wilhailm says, “life has been hell. These men often commit verbal and physical acts of sexual violence against women out alone.” She says she herself has had a couple of bad experiences.
“But one day, a terrible thing happened at the supermarket,” Wilhailm said. “I ran all the way home. I was so frightened for my life. There’s no other way to describe it.”
Another time, men she called “Muslims” told her and her friend they were “sluts” for wearing t-shirts. Addressing Muslim men of this ilk in her video, Wilhailm responded:
“You have no right to attack us because we are wearing t-shirts. You also have no right to rape.”
Unfortunately, for Germany’s young women, there are too many new migrants who believe that they do.
Earlier this month, police in Dortmund reported that a migrant approached a girl on the street, offering her money for sex. He explained his behavior to her as German girls are “just there for sex.”
An article by Soeren Kern, published in the Gatestone Institute last September, before Merkel’s great refugee wave, bears this out. Kern provides a list of rapes committed by migrants in Germany. It makes for disturbing and heartbreaking reading. “Growing numbers of German women in towns and cities across the country are being raped by asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East,” writes Kern. “Many of the crimes are being downplayed by German authorities and the national media, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.”
There are also additional reasons why police, media and politicians cover up or obfuscate migrant rapes and crimes. One is that they do not want to give those originally opposed to this migrant invasion the opportunity to say: “I told you so.”
Another, and perhaps the most alarming one, is that European elites believe they are justified in censuring migrant sex attacks, since revealing their shocking details only increases support for hated populist and conservative parties. Regarded as ideological enemies and racist, these parties are gaining strength with every act of migrant sexual violence against women and children.
In other words, the mental and physical health and safety of Germany’s young women, just like those in Sweden these past years, are being heartlessly sacrificed on the altar of politically correct expediency. At the same time, those supporting multiculturalism are portraying, with some success, the people who opposed this mass migration as lacking compassion. Angela Merkel, for example, said such people have “coldness, even hatred” in their hearts.
Stockholm’s police chief, Peter Agren, is an example of those in positions of power willing to sacrifice young women for political correctness. He recently conceded he had covered up the sexual molestation of dozens of young women by a Muslim gang at a music festival last summer so as not to strengthen the position of his country’s populist conservative party.
“This is a sore point. Sometimes we dare not tell how it is because we think it plays into the hands of the Sweden Democrats,” said Agren.
After reading about cover-ups like this, one is left wondering who the barbarians are: the Muslim rapists or Europe’s ruling class? Also, with Agren’s politically correct outlook, it is no wonder Sweden has one of the highest rape rates in the world. Only a couple of African countries rank higher.
Cover-ups of migrant sex crimes began, literally, as soon as the first “refugees” arrived. At a ‘welcoming party’ for one batch of arrivals, in Bonn last November 7, almost two months before the horrific events at Cologne’s train station, female guests were sexually molested by the “100 to 150 asylum-seeking men there.”
“I’d only been there a few minutes, and I got the first hand on my breast,” one woman later said.
A police spokesman added: “The music had to be constantly stopped so that the message could be given out in Arabic to stop men harassing female guests.”
Police were also angry that they were not notified about the crimes committed at the ‘welcoming party.’ Some believe this knowledge may have helped them prevent the New Years’ Eve sexual assaults.
According to one report, an integration official admitted she knew about the sex assaults at the party and didn’t contact police. She also said she ‘cannot remember’ whether she advised women who were attacked to do so. This official said the event’s student organizers also knew about the sexual molestation “but did not want to make a fuss” and had “learned from the situation.”
But these students, obviously, didn’t learn lessons in moral and civic responsibility towards others in society, especially towards women. By not reporting the sex attacks to police and allowing these men to go unpunished, they were setting up other women for victimization. It is very possible that some of these men were among the New Year’s Eve molesters.
But building the multicultural ‘Utopia’ is so important to such people that, if women’s and children’s well-being has to be sacrificed on the altar leftist ideals to achieve it, then so be it. What the students put on their website about the sex attacks after the incident says it all: “…instead of just adversely pointing fingers at those who misbehave, we believe it’s as important for everyone in our civil society to tackle these differences in the daily integration.”
One wonders whether the integration official and students would have acted so complacently if anti-immigration PEGIDA members had perpetrated the sexual assaulting. As it was, police only discovered what had occurred at the welcoming event only when a victim approached them after the New Year’s Eve sex attacks.
The current rape crisis in Germany was, of course, completely predictable. Strong and frightening indicators of what was to follow the sudden influx of hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men into Germany were already present on Cairo’s Tahrir Square during political protests in 2011 and 2013 — and witnessed by the whole world. At that time, dozens of women and a few female journalists were surrounded, sexually molested and even raped, including CNN’s Lara Logan and a Dutch journalist. The unfortunate Dutch woman was so severely injured she had to undergo an operation. Since this is how these Muslim men behave in their own countries, why would they not be expected to do the same elsewhere, especially in a country full of infidel women?
Closer to home, Sweden has for years already served as an example of migrant sexual violence.
In her video, Wilhailm accuses Merkel of having “killed Germany.”
“I do not think you know what you have done,” said Wilhailm. “You do not see how our lives have changed. Open your eyes! Is this normal? Should I, a 16-year-old who is almost 17 be scared to walk outside my house? No, it is not normal.”
Insightful for one so young, Wilhailm also realizes that the state no longer can, nor perhaps has the will, to protect its young women and children. As a result, she makes a desperate plea for Germany’s men to protect them, asking them to go out and patrol the streets:
“Men, please help your women. Please help your children. I am so scared. My friends have the same fears. We are shocked that this has happened. I hope this video has convinced you, and that these terrible events can stop.”
For Wilhaim’s sake, and for millions more like her, one can only hope Germany’s men will firmly respond
These low life unintelligent satanic deviants Have got t0 be killed and fast.

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Facebook now supporting Muslims murdering Christians, should you make objection to this, they ban you for many days. The Muslim, and white satanic supports of Isis Muslims, rejoice and nothing happens to them. Look out for a new social site that is to replace Facebook.

This is the scum that Facebook protects! Miffle East now, Great Britain soon.

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Isis Supporters from Scotland’s SNP

Steph Mcginley


This bitch Steph McGinley like the SNP support these Muslims murdering English people, and British soldiers. Understanable, she also supports the PIRA, to do the same.

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Criminally negligent manslaughter: Etymology. Genocide by Muslims.

Gross negligence manslaughter in England and Wales or culpable homicide in Scotland.

occurs where there is an omission to act when there is a duty to do so, or a failure to perform a duty owed, which leads to a death. The existence of the duty is essential because the law does not impose criminal
liability for a failure to act unless a specific duty is owed to the victim. It is most common in the case of professionals who are grossly negligent in the course of their employment. An example is where a doctor fails to notice a patient’s oxygen supply has disconnected and the patient dies (R v Adomako).

I charge the Tory government and shadow government with Gross Negligent Manslaughter to the Christians in the Middle East, by Muslims from Great Britain.

These political parties spent 3 hours debating to Ban Mr. D Trump, the candidate for future United States Commander in Chief, from entering the UK, on the instructions from Muslims that are now in charge of the UK. They have refused to debate these mass murders in our CHRISTIN PARLIAMENT, they have also allowed a British soldier to be murdered by Muslims, in his own country.

Disinformation published and broadcasted by their controlled media, said “should 100,000 signature petition be put forward, a debate will be considered? The Colours Association Armed Forces Federation, submitted, a ONE (1) MILLION signature petition to the corrupt labour government, back in 1998, and they are still waiting for their debate!

This is happening now, in Pakistan by Muslims to Christian Churches and ‘scum’ leaders like Obama, Cameron, Markel and Corbyn are not interested, who they murder, and rape! Many Christian Church leader are too dame shit scared to voice out against THEM! The pope is no longer a leader of our Christian faith, and should step down for a leader that will condemn these murders.


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Bradford in West Yorkshire Now a Muslim City – No English!

1948016_10201206632560322_792917489_n[1]Naz Shah Bradford is now a Muslim City

Naz Shah Labour MP today admitted there are parts of her Bradford constituency where people can get by without speaking a word of English.
Naz Shah – who beat George Galloway in the race for a Commons seat last year – said the situation had changed since her parents arrived in Britain years ago.
Ms Shah’s comments come a day after Prime Minister David Cameron outlined plans to help people, particularly in isolated, segregated communities, to get access to English classes.
Bradford West MP Ms Shah told the Guardian: ‘When my parents came over, my mum had to learn the basics in order to get by.
‘Now, with the third and fourth generations, it’s perfectly possible to live a life where you never have to speak English because everyone in the shops and services where you live speaks your language.’

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